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Our Products

Dave Wright, aka The Mackerel Man, has been running this locally owned and operated business with his wife Nicki for 13 years and boasts over 31 years of fishing industry experience.

The Mackerel Man knows his Mackerel and can mix and match any order and quantity to meet your requirements. Our ocean caught snap frozen Mackerel products are trucked down from Karumba to Cairns weekly and kept in cold storage. Bulk orders can be easily and conveniently transported to any location in Australia.

Depending on your location, we recommend one weeks notice of your wholesale Mackerel order. Mackerel Man can supply 110 gram or 130 gram portions, retail packs, fish bites, Mackerel slabs, quarters, crumbed Mackerel and Barramundi, King Salmon and various other species fillets.

All wholesale mackerel products are quality controlled from the date of capture to processing, cold storage, transport and delivery. You can be assured of the freshest, highest quality, wild caught Australia Mackerel when you purchase products through Mackerel Man.

To order your Mackerel, contact us and we'd love to help!

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